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There are four ways to get involved with the project.

You can apply to be photographed for the project.
You can buy and collect the work.
You can volunteer to help with marketing, publicity, promotion or other tasks.
Or you can send a donation.

To apply to be photographed read the casting notice below and listen to my radio interview and read the articles linked to on this site and if after all of that you feel that you belong in the project, please do contact me directly.

To buy and collect the work visit my Patreon page at

To volunteer or send a donation contact me directly.
ricardo scipio

Casting Notice
My name is ricardo scipio and I'm a man of colour, born in Trinidad, raised in Toronto who is a photographer with 30 years of experience, including 14 gallery shows and six books. I am looking for Sex-Positive Couples or Women of colour  to photograph (TFP) for my Sex Goddess Project Book Two- I've just completed Book One which had a good diversity of colours and sizes and ages and I want even more diversity this time around.

My work has always embraced women of colour and I am interested in including a wide variety of people- not just “model types”. All shapes, sizes, gender identities and colours and ages are welcome.

I’m very happy to share with you my first radio interview for The Sex Goddess Project. If you’d like to learn more about me and this work please do have a listen

Please do read my articles before contacting me. When you do contact me, please do tell me why you feel you belong in this project.  (Serious inquiries only please)

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