Women, Trans Women, Trans Men, Couples, Triads or NB over 50 wanted for The Sex Goddess Project Book 4.

The Sex Goddess Project is now officially six years old, and in those six years I’ve made three books and photographed over 500 people for the project. We are now shooting  The Sex Goddess Project Book Four.

(Please don't read any further if you are offended by or against nudity and sex-positivity)

The project isn’t called what it is because the people who are in it are goddesses or because they represent femininity or any kind of feminine ideal. I don’t believe that any human being is a god or goddess.

What I believe is that most- if not every original culture in the world has had a Sex Goddess in their mythology to represent being in touch with the forces of nature and promoting a free sexuality devoid of shame and apology. This is a representation of the creative and procreative energy that permeates through everything. It’s life itself and it’s way beyond gender and politics. It’s the ultimate in sex-positivity and body-positivity and an antidote and refuge from the male-dominated sex-negative religions that have sprung up afterwards, and that promote slut-shaming and repress any kind of representation of freedom of sexual expression.

My Sex Goddess Projects are only available to a limited group of supporters and collectors and is not available to the general public to help protect the images.

I believe that sex is the most important thing in life and deserves to be celebrated.

I’m looking for that two percent of the population: 

Who cares about art and artists. Who is truly sex positive.

Who isn’t paralyzed by fear.

Who believes that sex deserves to be celebrated in the public sphere.

Who is connected enough with their core to be able to show up and be authentic on camera.

The Sex Goddess Project is the first ever Canadian photography project photographing people of all shapes and sizes and colours and ages celebrating their sexuality authentically without shame or apology.

This work is a very diverse, sex-positive and body-positive project that pushes back against slut-shaming and challenges the way sex is depicted.

If interested or have questions, please do send me a pm

I strongly suggest that you read the articles my models have written about the project.
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